What Does Productivity Mean to Employers?

By Nora Caterino

Employers are always talking about it, but what does productivity mean to them? How does it benefit the employee to increase time management and improve turnaround time? The amount of deliverable product produced in a specific length of time is what is being referred to when your boss talks about productivity.

To increase workplace productivity, it is important to ensure that employees know that their pay is tied directly to their amount of product produced, whether that product is a “hard” item which is tangible or a ‘soft’ item such as an idea or concept. The period of time from the assignment of a task to the delivery of the end result is known as the turnaround time. Reducing turnaround means that more production occurs and more profit can be earned by the business. In turn, this means more funds for salary incentives and pay increases.

Setting Benchmarks

It is important to track employee productivity to set a benchmark of what the standard turnaround time is and use that as a mark against which to measure improvements. When an improvement in the process is implemented and the workers are trained in the new process, the change in productivity can then be measured to learn how well the process improvement worked.

Many businesses reward staff members that submit ideas which can improve the turnaround time for generating products. Frequently called Suggestion Programs, these reward-oriented improvement methods motivate workers to find new and better ways to do their work. It is not uncommon for a team member to have an idea that can save thousands or even millions by reducing cost and increasing productivity.

What does productivity mean to your employer? It means more profits for the company and, therefore, more money to use to generate pay increases and additional work incentives. Productivity benefits everyone in the business organization. Manage your time well, increase productivity and you’ll feel confident when it is time to request that salary increase.

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